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Family Ranching History


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In earlier days, no one dared settle the vast land that stretched northwest of the Clear Fork.  Beginning in the 1850s, the combined force of the Reynolds and Matthews families pushed back the frontier along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River and established the Lambshead Ranch.  Covering sixty-two square miles in Throckmorton and Shackelford counties, a hundred and forty miles west of Fort Worth, this is one of the last great Texas ranches.

Names associated with the ranch: the Butterfield Stage Line, Camp Cooper, Fort Griffin, Shanghai Pierce, Charles Goodnight, Oliver Loving, read like a veritable history of early Texas.  The exploits of some of these characters served as inspiration for portions of the book and movie Lonesome Dove.  History is still very much alive on Lambshead - owned to this day by the descendants of the original families.

Although life has greatly changed since the settling years of the ranch, determined preservation has helped Lambshead remain as close now to what it was in 1876.  Despite electricity, fencing, automobiles and telephones, Lambshead is as beautiful as it was when our great grandparents settled this land.


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Family Ranching

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