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1849 – Randolph Marcy stops near Paint Crossing, now on Lambshead, on his return

from leading a group of “49ers” as far as Santa Fe.


1854 – Jesse Stem settles at what is now the Valley pasture of Lambshead to set up

agency for trading with native tribes.


1854 – Thomas Lambshead farming on the Clear Fork, receives patent on section in

Paint Pasture 1859


1855 Comanches move into Reservation established on the Clear Fork of the Brazos


1856 Early January, Old Camp Cooper I ("Camp Cooper I") established by Lt. Col. Albert Sydney Johnston


1856 Capt. Newton Curd Givens builds Stone Ranch house on Walnut Creek


1858 Spring, Camp Cooper moved from its old location near the Indian agency and Indian camps to the

Bake Oven Flat site, Paint Pasture ("Camp Cooper II"). This site was occupied through June, 1859.


18581861 Butterfield Overland Mail stage line crosses what is now Lambshead Ranch


1859 July 31, the 1112 Indians on the Comanche reservation removed to the valley of the Washita, in

Indian Territory


1858 – Joseph Beck Matthews (age 35) come with family from Alabama through

Louisiana to Stephens County, Texas, some 25 miles from Lambshead.


1859 – B.W. Reynolds (age 40) moves with family from Alabama to Texas. George

Reynolds, his oldest son, rides for Pony Express from Weatherford to Palo Pinto


1866 - 1867 BW Reynolds family lives at Stone Ranch.


1867 – George Reynolds wounded by arrow; arrowhead removed 16 years later in



1872 – J.A. Matthews Trail Boss on trail drive from Colorado through Wyoming and

Utah to Nevada


1874 – George and Will form Reynolds Brothers partnership, move to Colorado


1875 – George and Will move cattle business back to Texas


1876 – Barber Watkins Reynolds builds house at Reynolds Bend


1876 – John Alexander Matthews and Sallie Ann Reynolds marry at Reynolds Bend


1877 – House is built on Clear Fork below Reynolds Bend


late 1870’s – J.A. and Sallie Matthews begin acquiring land along Clear Fork


1880 – Reynolds and Matthews Company formed


1885 – Reynolds and Matthews Company amicably dissolved, with J.A. Matthews

receiving 25,000 acres at Stone Ranch as part of his consideration


1890 – Son of B.W. Reynolds sells house at Reynolds Bend


1894 – J.A. Matthews purchases 20,000 acre Lower Ranch, which adjoins his father’s

Pleasant View Ranch


1897 – Camp established at present day Lambshead Ranch HQ. First phase of ranch

house, bunkhouse built. Lower Ranch is sold to Charlie Cauble.


1898 – J.A. and Sallie Matthews purchase Camp Cooper Ranch (former site of Camp



1899 – Last child of J.A. and Sallie Matthews, Watkins (Watt) Reynolds Matthews, born


1906 – Camp on Lambshead Creek becomes Ranch HQ. Addition to ranch house.

            Camp Cooper Ranch sold, at Sallie’s urging


1907 – HQ Barn built


1913 – First gas well drilled by the Texas Company


1919 – Addition to ranch house


1923 – Headquarters Cookshack built


1928? – George Reynolds gives interview for Trail Drivers of Texas


1930 – Picket fences replace wire fences around houses at HQ


1936 – Interwoven published


1941 – Watt Matthews and sister sister, Lucile Matthews Brittingham (re-)purchase Reynolds Bend



1943 – Tile bunkhouse built

            Barber Watkins Reynolds House at Reynolds Bend rehabilitated by Watt

            Watt begins care of family cemetery at Reynolds Bend


1944 – 1950 Research and Management Project for the native wild turkey by

Lambshead Ranch and Texas Parks and Wildlife. Lambshead turkey poults trapped for restocking ranches in 3 states.


1946 – Barn is built at Reynolds Bend


1948 – Sheds for historic vehicles used in the Fort Griffin Fandangle built at Reynolds Bend


1950 – Buffalo are brought back to Lambshead, given by the Reynolds Cattle Company

from their herd on the Long X Ranch. Mule (Gaines) Stover delivers the buffalo calves in the back seat of his Buick sedan.


1950s – Rural electricity arrives HQ


1951 – Nathan L. Bartholomew House at Reynolds Bend is rehabilitated;

Barn at Reynolds Bend is converted to cookshack


1952 – Rock cabin at Reynolds Bend is reconstructed


1955-56 – Rock house at Bartholomew’s in Reynolds Bend is built


1956 – Sheds for historic vehicles used in Fandangle built at Reynolds Bend


1960s – City water line arrives HQ; ranch house air conditioned


1966 – Cedar house at Bartholomew’s in Reynolds Bend is built


1973 – Reconstruction of 1888 school house at Reynolds Bend

House dugout in William Reynolds Pasture is rehabilitated by Watt Matthews


1975 – Picket house at HQ built


1976 – Butterfield Trail at Butterfield Gap and Relay station at Old Clear Fork Crossing,

both established in 1858, are marked with limestone slabs


1978 – record flood on Clear Fork


1980 – John Burns’ board and batten house built; Sallie Matthews Judd’s board and

batten house built; Lambshead shop built


1983 – Stone Ranch reconstructed by Watt Matthews


1990s – 1897 Headquarters bunkhouse demolished, new bunkhouse built


2008-9 – Headquarters 1948 sheds demolished, new sheds built

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