Ranch Operations

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Cattle and livestock operations today are very similar to what they were throughout most of the 20th century.  In fact, reins have been under the lead of Terry Moberley, who just celebrated his 51st year on Lambshead in May of 2020.  During his first 30 years, Terry worked alongside Watt R Matthews.  Watt was the youngest son of JA and Sallie Matthews and presided over the family ranch for more than half a century.  Upon Watt's death in 1997, Matt Matthews, great nephew to Watt, joined Terry to oversee day to day ranch operations in 2005. 


With a keen interest on the future longevity of Lambshead, Matt introduced new concepts in cattle grazing management.  His insights led to the introduction of cross-fencing and pasture rotation, alongside massive efforts to clear the ranch of mesquite which had overtaken most of the region.  These efforts are translating into remarkable changes to the land within the ranch boundaries, both in conservation of precious water resources and restored conditions for native grasses to return, flourish and thrive. 

The herd today is mainly a pure Angus breed - with a modest herd of Angus Cows crossed with Hereford Bulls.  The entire herd is also managed under a certified "All Natural" cattle raising program.