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Lambshead is beautiful in every way.  For many, it has always been the stars, returning every night in such a speculator and awe-inspiring fashion.  As our late Uncle John Burns wrote in a book for the family titled Summers at Lambshead....


"The Clear Fork is much changed since I was a child, but its banks, bottoms and trees are as beautiful and interesting as ever, and the sound of the locusts can still be heard all along it with an almost painfully nostalgic echo.  The nocturnal coyote chorus is as audible as ever; the sky, both day and night, is as big as ever and the stars are no less glittering than when Othermama used to identify them for us.  The breeze at night and the early morning still has that special sort of muted sigh if you are on a sleeping porch or in a room with an open south window where you can hear it.  It makes you want to turn over and go back to sleep; but, not as much as hearing rain on the roof of a Lambshead house, which, as I have said, is still one of the pleasantest of all sounds to me."  -John H. Burns

Six generations share a mission today, to preserve the dynamic natural setting within the ranch's boundaries, including historical significances, the Clear Fork of the Brazos river, native grassland, water and the expansive wild terrain that our great Grandparents ranched before us.

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